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HEY Y'ALL! Thanks for checking out my website! Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to sign the guestbook and check out my IMDB Page Link below--- would love to hear from you!  ~  Courtney :)


Check out my Publicist's Website at the following link and click "Like" on their website! Nuvision Entertainment Media PR:!/pages/Nuvision-Entertainment-Media/108216029230813 Thanks!

StairMaster Sports Ad

Had a lot of fun filming a StairMaster sports ad this week! The set (pic below)was awesome and the cast and crew were great to work with and we all got a great workout! The ad will be released throughout Europe, China, Ukraine and many other countries.


Hope you got to catch me on NCIS Tuesday night with Mark Harmon and cast! The episode was called, "Cabin Fever" and I played Petty Officer Second Class, Judy Sloan. It was great being on the show working with such amazing talent, including Bethany Rooney, the Director.


Satellite Awards


Had a great time attending the Satellite Awards this past Sunday, Feb 15th, at the InterContinental Hotel in Beverly Hills. I attended this event with Keith Parmer, Director of Swelter (right) and Arie Verveen (who played the  Legendary actress Ellen Burstyn and journalist/ novelist/ director Martyn Burke received the prestigious honor of "Mary Pickford' Life Time Achievement Awards to recognize accomplishments in the film, television and digital entertainment industry.

Upcoming News!

Thanks to all of you that check out my website on a regular basis! Thought that I'd update you on some recent photos taken, most for new projects coming up and one picture from when I was at the recent SAG Awards. These upcoming projects include feature films, TV (I'll be on NCIS with Mark Harmon and cast on Feb. 17th), modeling, as well as, a few other key projects that will be announced in 2015! More updates soon!


Hey Everyone! 

Sorry my site hasn't been updated lately. The good news is that I have been working and also have  been busy attending a lot of great charity events. I recently have attended charities for Make A Wish Foundation, Childrens Hospital of LA and early this week was in New York for the Wounded Warriors Gala hosted  by Geraldo Rivera, along with some great entertainers including Dionne Warwick! It was a great night! Glad to have been invited to these awesome charity events and especially celebrating with those that have served our Country! Thanks SO much! :)


We Are Limitless Charity Event
Recently I attended a red-carpet event for the charity, "We Are Limitless" Org. They hosted their 2nd Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament fundraiser which was attended by many including Michelle DeShon (Satisfaction), Courtney Hope (Swelter), Kiele Sanchez (The Glades, The Purge-Anarchy), Joseph Gordon Levitt (Don Jon, Looper), Billy Burke (Revolution), and Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights, The Purge Anarchy). The event was a night dedicated to the advancement of the Rwandan and Congolese communities. They have provided quality education and amenities to more than 30 children and students over the past two years and has created a safe haven for 247 orphans and victims of sexual violence. Their new center will provide a refuge to victims of the two decades war that has raged in Congo and continues to leave women and children displaced. What a great organization.

American Heart Organization


Years ago, I did an American Heart Ad spot that was shown by all high school health programs throughout the country to all of their students. I recently had the pleasure of again doing a 'video appearance' for American Heart and this picture is from that video. What an awesome organization and I'm glad to be able to be a part of it! Thank you!

Great News! I've been preparing for my next feature film lead role and have been taking riding lessons (doing tricks), and taking 'quick draw' gun lessons. I've been fortunate to work with the BEST in the Industry both riding-wise and 'quick draw-wise.' Check out my pics with Phil Spangenberger, the Fastest "Quick Draw" around! I have an amazing horse riding expert too! Thanks SO much for your awesome guidance!


Swelter has been released! Its now at Best Buy, Walmart, Target and on Netflix, RedBox, etc. It has a theatrical release in the rest of the world but is here on BlueRay or DVD in the States! I play, "Halle", the tough town waitress! Hope you like it! It stars Jean Claude Van Damme, Josh Henderson (Dallas), Alfred Molina (Monday Mornings), Grant Bowler (Defiance) and other great cast!


Check out the new trailer for the Indie Film, "Displacement!" I play the young scientist, Cassie Sinclair. This trailer also stars Sarah Douglas (Superman), Lou Richards (Mad Men),  Karan Oberoi (NCIS), Christopher Backus (Deliverance Creek) and Golden Globe Winner, Susan Blakely. Filming is near completion. More details soon! Hope you like it!


I was recently interviewed by Dan's Movie Report on Swelter, which will be released on August 12th, Displacement (upcoming Indie Film) and Prowl (the Horror/Thriller Film I did a few years ago)! Check it out at the link below: usive.html

SCOSCHE - Armband Heart Rate Monitor (Commercial)

Check out my new 'ad' for Scosche an awesome "Rhythm+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor!" It works and looks great! I sweat a bit in this one! :)



A great day on set today with the very talented and beautiful Susan Blakely (Golden Globe Winner) who plays my Mom, Carol Sinclair, in the Indie film, "Displacement." This film is amazing and I can't wait for everyone to see it! Susan has had an awesome career both as a Supermodel and Actress. It's a real pleasure to work with her, the cast and Director Kenneth Mader! More on this great film soon!




My recent trip to Finland was awesome! Check out the theater and the store that I frequented! What a beautiful city and people! More on this trip later....


Recently the feature film "Swelter" screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival! They interviewed me there, so check out my most recent interview! Its been awesome being a part of this very talented cast including Jean Claude Van Damme, Grant Bowler (Definance), Lennie James (Hung, Columbiana), Josh Henderson (Dallas), Alfred Molina (Monday Mornings) and many other great cast members. The theatrical release will be later this year!


The Director, cast and crew attended a screening of "Swelter" at the Newport Beach Film Festival this past weekend. A red-carpet arrival......I play the tough town waitress, Alex. A very action packed film along with Jean Claude Van Damme, Alfred Molina, Josh Henderson, Grant Bowler, Lennie James and other great cast members. This film was written and directed by the talented, Keith Parmer.

Displacement "Stills"

Some photography stills just were just released from the Indie Film, "Displacement", where I play Cassie Sinclair a young physics student who must find a way to reverse a deadly 'quantum time anomaly' and solve the murder of my boyfriend, while battling short-term memory. Its an awesome intense 'thriller'...... 

Nike Ad

Great news! I booked a Nike print ad and will be filming this week! This ad will be seen nationally and internationally. More pics soon! Excited!

Lancia Car Commercial

On set yesterday and today filming the "Lancia Car Commercial!" Had a great time and filmed with some great talent, including another Courtney! We had so much fun --- more pics soon!

Hey guys!


I’m not sure if any of y’all can relate to this, but it’s been a huge life changer for me and I feel It’d be a mistake not to share my new discovery. I’ve battled with eczema and psoriosis on my face for my whole life, as well as dealing with an occasional breakout from the other side of the spectrum. Dryness medication causing breakouts, and acne medication causing dryness. The constant battle was draining. 

I can give all my thanks to my mom and her friends who turned me onto the company Rodan+Fields created by the doctors behind Pro-Activ. Her love for the anti-aging and wrinkle products made her sure the acne and dry skin regimens would be a savior for me, so she bought it. It sat on my counter for almost a month because I was afraid to do further damage to my skin and I figured why would this work if nothing else did. Finally, I used it to appease my mother and because her and her friends results were astounding, and can I just say I am elated and happier then I have ever been. I wouldn’t be so adamant about sharing and now selling the products if it didn’t truly work. Here’s a link to check out the products and feel free email me at if you’d like to know more. 


If this wasnt a confidence booster, a healthy start, or a long time struggle burried for me I wouldn't mention it, but it's all these things and more. What do you have to loose? Why not treat yourself to a healthy glow!





xox, Courtney!



Great news! I will be filming a "Lancia" Car Commercial soon! Lanica is an Italian based car company that is a division of Fiat. The commercial will air throughout Europe and will run internationally on the internet. This will be awesome! More pics soon!     


Pre-Golden Globe Gifting Suite

I had the pleasure of attending a pre-Golden Globe gifting suite honoring the Golden Globe nominees this past week, which are always fun! Congrats to all of the Golden Globe nominees and winners!



I've had a great time filming the Indie film "Displacement", along with great cast members and Director, Kenneth Mader. I've also had a lot of laughs with the legendary actress, Sarah Douglas, from such movies as Superman I, II (played "Ursa), Conan The Barbarian, among other great movies and including the current TV series, "The Green Lantern." We're getting close to 'a wrap' on this film ---- so more soon!



Filming of "Displacement" continues.... on set today with the incredible actors, Lou Richards (Mad Men) and Karan Oberoi (NCIS), as well as, Director Kenneth Mader and crew! Wrapping for the holidays tomorrow!


Check out one of my new print ads that rolled out across Europe by Domyos! Domyos is a sportswear and sportsgear company headquartered in France. The commercial and the 'behind the scenes' video is below. This was such a fun shoot and it was awesome working with everyone from Domyos! Love their clothes!!


Hey Great News! My Domyos print work (above) and 'behind the scenes & commercial' rolled out throughout Europe! As mentioned, Domyos is a France based sportswear and sportsgear company. Check out my commercial below! I'm in blue! Hope you like it!

Another photo shoot in Malibu today for the charity "Save Our Beaches.Org!" and for Photographer Angelina Venturella's project,"The Mermaids!" As mentioned, I've ALWAYS wanted to be a Mermaid and I love "Ariel!" Just saw "Little Mermaids in 3D" and it was awesome! :) I'm blessed to be part of this awesome project for this incredible charity! A 'table book' will be released next year with some of my pics, along with other celebrity pics! More news on this soon!


Check out the 'behind the scenes' Mermaid shoot that myself and many others participated in for the charity "Save Our Beaches Organization" ( I filmed this with Mark Hapka (Days Of Our Lives), and as well, Allie Gonino (The Lying Game) and Taylor Sprietler (Melissa and Joey) are featured in this project preview 'teaser'. Many more from the entertainment world were involved in this project, which is due out soon! This project was created by the amazing photographer, Angelina (Angie) Venturella. Take a look...

What a day! I had the privledge of working with Paul Sorvino and his son, Michael (Actor, Producer),  helping to promote "asthma awareness" AND to promote Paul's self-healing asthma technique. It REALLY works! I've been an asthmatic my whole life in a very serious way, so this was a very memorable day for me.  It was great being a part of ths filming project and a spokeswoman for Paul's "Asthma Foundation." It is for such an awesome cause and it was great having the opportunity to work with Paul, "Paulie" from the Goodfellas. He is SUCH a talent, a great actor, opera singer, Director, Writer, Producer, Artist and a very nice guy! Check out his NY Times best seller hit book "How To Become A Former Asthmatic!"

What a "dream" come true! I've always wanted to be a 'Mermaid!' I just shot a  "charity shoot" for a great organization that you'll hear more about soon, where I got to be a 'Mermaid!' I shot this with Mark Hapka (Days Of Our Lives/Nathan Horton) and the amazing photographer, Angie Venturella. More on this awesome charity and shoot soon!

Mark Hapka - Days Of Our Lives

Hey All! Check out the cover of the Summer Edition of "Home Defender" magazine, as it features me! This is a popular magazine for gun and "personal protection" advocates. This picture was the one that Glock took of me for their recent campaign and my commercial with R. Lee Ermey. Check it out today!

Great News! Our Glock "Someone Picked The Wrong Girl" Video has won "2 Telly Awards!" We won the "Branded Content - Business-to-Consumer Award" and the "Internet/Online Commercial: Campaign - Promotional/Branding Award!" Congrats to all the people that I filmed this project with such as R.Lee Ermey, Bill Rogan, the cast and crew! 
The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs. Their mission has been to strengthen the visual arts community by inspiring, promoting, and supporting creativity. The 34th Annual Telly Awards received over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents.

A Bit of Trivia! Did you know that a few years back I had a Guest Star role on the popular show "Out of Jimmy's Head?" I played the "Angry Girl" and it was a crazy time on set! My first food fight ;)! Having to anticpate the 'animated cartoon's' we talked to was an awesome experience! The show was a "live-action animated" TV Series. It was on Cartoon Network and produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment, who also produced "Even Stevens" and "That's So Raven!"




A lot of fans have been asking about my movie "Prowl!" Its been running on the SyFy Channel, so thought I'd share with you the interview that I did back then with "Fearnet"......check it out! Fearnet said.......


"Hanging from ledges and free falling from a steel mill (filmed in Bulgaria), actress Courtney Hope had to get physical shooting the After Dark Original 'Prowl.' Learn more in this FEARnet exclusive interview.Tired of small town life, Amber convinces her friends to take a road trip to the big city. On the way their car breaks down, so the group hitches a ride in the back of a semi. But once aboard, they discover their trapped in the truck with hundreds of cartons of blood. Their panic turns to terror when the truck delivers them to a dark, abandoned warehouse where bloodthirsty creatures are trained to hunt human prey. 'Prowl' is available now on DVD from Lionsgate Home Video."

Been very busy and its been great! Just wrapped the "Domyos" spots (9 of them), a commercial for them and print work for billboards and for other media that will be seen across Europe (in 20 countries). It was a great time and loved working with everyone!



Hey All! I just started filming the upcoming action feature film, "Swelter!" I play the 'bad-ass' town waitress, Halle, who has run-ins with several of the stars such as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Josh Henderson (Dallas), Lennie James (Hung) and Alfred Molina (Monday Mornings). The film is directed by award winning Director, Keith Parmer. A 2014 theatrical release is planned.


Hey my Glock commerical with R. Lee Ermey 'headlined' ABC's Nightline last night! The story was on "America's Favorite Gun" - Glock!!! Check it out!

My 'Kohl's' commercials are airing now on all channels! Check out the #2 version of the commercial below. I'll post the other version soon. I'm in the red-pants and stripped blue shirt! Check out the new Spring wear at Kohl's!!!

I attended the "Make A Film Foundation" Comedy 4 Kids Benefit last night and it was an amazing event and show! Comedians and singers performed and it was a memorable night honoring the kids that are a part of this awesome organization. This event was hosted by "Make A Film Foundation" and "Nuvision Entertainment Media PR".  

Great News! The past 3 days, I've been filming the "Kohl's" commercial which was amazing and a lot of fun! We all became 'family'!!! This picture is of the dancers, director, choreographer, AD, etc. Look for the commercial after Valentine's Day or by the end of February to start airing! Kohl's!!!! :)

Got to work with the AMAZING actor, "R. Lee Ermey", for the week in Las Vegas, signing autographs at the "SHOT SHOW!!!" What a class act! Hope you've checked out our "Someone Picked The Wrong Girl" GLOCK Commercial!!! It has received over One Million+ views in its first week, since it was released! Check it out below OR on YouTube! Thanks! :)

Courtney is in Las Vegas this week at the National Shot Show Conference representing Glock as "The Glock Girl", along with the famed actor, R. Lee Ermey ("Gunny" - Full Metal Jacket - "The Glock Guy"), both are signing autographs for a few days. Glock premiered their commercial today at the conference and they have received over 112,000 views on YouTube on its first day! Check out her commercial below for Glock!


News: Great news! I've been selected to be the "Glock Girl" and represent GLOCK at upcoming shows, signing autographs!  I'm excited to work again with the awesome actor R. Lee Ermey and the Director and crew! Mr. Ermey has been the "Glock Guy" for a sometime now and I will join him as the "Glock Girl!". The commercial that we just filmed will be airing on ESPN, cable channels, and the internet starting at the end of the year! SO excited to work with this awesome talent!

NCIS Los Angeles - as "Mary Clark"

Hope you got to catch me on "NCIS Los Angeles! (CBS)" The episode was called, The Recruit" and I played the role of Mary Clark (guest-star). It was an awesome cast and crew and I had a lot of fun filming it!

News:  This is "Emmy" week and I've attended a couple of great Emmy Gifting Suites! One was at the "W" Hotel, where I received some amazing gifts such as clothes, shoes, jewerly and alot of other fun things. The other was hosted at Paramount Studios and was to honor our VETS. Again, many amazing gifts and met many great people. This was a great event for such an amazing cause!

Parmount Studios Gifting Suite To Honor Our Vets!



Criminal Minds

Check out my appearance on Criminal Minds and other shows under TV & Film projects above!




Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from imbomitable will.



Filming the Indie Feature Film "Displacement" all week!


Rodan and Fields! Learn how YOU can become a consultant of this AMAZING product-line!!!


Swelter sells across the Globe! Theatrical release planned for early 2014!


The "new" Displacement trailer has been released on this page!


"Displacement" filmed in San Diego --- check out the pictures on this page!


Courtney just wrapped the action feature film "Swelter", written and directed by award winning Director Keith Parmer. The film stars Jean Claude Van Damme, Josh Henderson, Lennie James, Alfred Molina, Grant Bowler and other cast members. A theatrical release is expected in 2014.


Courtney books a "Domyos" commercial and print work for European release (across 20 countries). This also includes magazines and billboards.             


Courtney books the lead role in "quantum time thriller", "Displacement", written and directed by Kenneth Mader. The film will also star legendary, Sarah Douglas (Superman 1 & 2, Conan The Destroyer, and "V"), as well as, Christopher Backus (The Mentalist, Theo), husband of Oscar winner Mira Sovino. More castings will be announced soon!


Courtney filmed a national "Kohl's" commercial this past week! It will air after Valentine's Day or by end of February!!!


Courtney just returned from Las Vegas where she appeared at the "Shot Show" National Convention for Glock, along with famed actor R. Lee Ermey, signing autographs, as Glock premiered their new commercial at the conference! Check out the commercial on this site OR on YouTube!


Courtney books a modeling job for a "Designer Resort Collection Line" (print). Photo shoot will start soon!


Courtney books "Glock" national commercial on gun control and will film with R. Lee Ermey (actor).  This will air on cable channels (ESPN, etc) and on the internet.


Courtney signs with "sports" agent (commercial, print).





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